Hello fellow Trail Runners!

Planning is well underway for Knee Knacker 2009!  We are in the midst of updating our website (yes, very exciting!), so check back soon for our new look...

In the meantime, following is some info...


Training runs start Sunday, May 3rd and everyone is welcome.  Glenn Pace, Rod Hatfull and Craig Moore will lead these each week, and we'll also look for volunteers to help along the way.  Check out the Training Runs page for more info, and if you're interested in a mid-week 'unofficial run', info is on the site at the Unofficial Run page.  These started April 1, so you can join at any time.


If you're looking for a way to improve your running, Curb Ivanic has provided the following link to Ultra Fitness Runners Workouts.  Please contact Curb for username and password information.


Thank you to everyone who has already filled out the Volunteer Requirement Form - please remember to do this before June 19th.  We recognize that many people already contribute numerous hours for many different causes and we thank you for this.


If you have friends or family members that are willing to volunteer on Race Day, THANK YOU for this - we have more than a 1:1 ratio of volunteers to runners - many who come back year after year.  For any questions or to volunteer, please contact our volunteer co-ordinator through our contact page.


We are here to put on an extraordinary event and help you meet your goals.  If you have any comments or questions, please don't hesitate to contact any of the KKNSTR 2009 committee members through the feedback form .

I look forward to seeing you on the trails,

Kelsy Trigg
KKNSTR 2009 Race Director