Hello fellow trail runners!  Welcome to the 21st Annual Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Run!

It's hard to believe it's February, lottery deadline is around the corner, lottery night is coming up, and we have 152 people entered!  I'm already excited about another great "Knee Knacker Season".

This year we have some changes to our 2009 Race Committee, and I want to thank Sharon Hope, Greg White and Bonnie Wong who have all been integral to our committee and the success of the race.  I will always remember Sharon's garage the week before race day as truly "Grand Central Station"... supplies from all over converged, people from all over came by, and like clockwork, Sharon got everyone everything they needed.  Thank you Sharon.  Greg's talents shone particularly on race day as he did the runner's cutoff times at the aid stations.  I've never seen anyone who could find that balance of pushing someone forward to make the next cutoff, be pragmatic about their chances, and have people send thank you notes for having been kicked off the course!  Thank you Greg.  Bonnie's volunteer co-ordination was top notch, and I think her legacy will be in talking the committee into not only new banners, but a platform for the banquet.  I recall at one point when we were discussing the costs and tradeoffs and not being able to afford it Andrew actually offered up his balloons for the banquet... how's that for influencing skills!  Thank you Bonnie.

I would also like to welcome our two new committee members - Lucinda Iglesias and Jurgen Watts.  Lucinda will take over as Aid Station co-ordinator, and Jurgen will lead the charge with projects such as the website redesign contest (check out the section below).  Welcome Lucinda & Jurgen!

The rest of our crazy, wonderful team is:

Special mention also goes to Bill Dagg, our webmaster, and Enzo Federico, co-founder, and keeper of the Finances :)

Please don't hesitate to contact any one of us through Contacts.

Additionally, there is a crew of over 200 volunteers that work to make the race a success each year.  Without them, it just wouldn’t happen.  If you will be entering the race this year, please do your best to recruit a volunteer.  If you are a volunteer, thank you.  For more info, or to sign up as a volunteer, please check out Volunteering.

Entry Deadline

Mark your calendars!  This year the entry deadline is  February 28, 2009 - please make a note of the date if you want to enter the lottery.  Entry info is available at: How to Register.  You can also check out the entry confirmation page at Lottery Entrants.  We already have 152 entrants which is just ahead of this time last year... when we had a record 333 entrants!

Entry Requirement

Please note the entry requirement of 4 hours of community volunteer work is in place again for 2009.  The period to meet this requirement is from July 1, 2008 to June 15, 2009, and this can be performed in the community of your choice.  I get questions about this every year... this can be volunteer hours of your choice, not related to Knee Knacker, completely geographically independent.  You don't need to have anyone 'sign' for your hours, you just need to fill in the online Volunteer Requirements Form yourself to meet this requirement. The Knee Knacker Committee must receive all necessary information by June 19, 2009, or you will not be allowed to participate in the run.  We recognize that many people already contribute numerous hours for many different causes and we thank you for this.

Runners Night and Lottery

Be the first to find out the lottery results!  This year Runners Night and Lottery is Thursday, March 5th, 2009 - we're fortunate again to have North Shore Athletics as Knee Knacker Sponsor & host of the event.  Everyone is welcome - participants, friends, family & volunteers.  Lots of prizes & pizza too.

Training Runs

Join your fellow KneeKnackerers for the official Knee Knacker training runs.  These will begin the first weekend in May - there's no charge and everyone is welcome.

Race Weekend

Race Weekend will be an exciting time.  Packet pickup will be available on July 9th & 10th at North Shore Athletics with a race briefing on July 10th (mandatory for first time runners).  July 11th will see the 21st Annual Knee Knacker start at 6am, and the Banquet will complete the evening.  We'll keep you posted on details as we get closer to the day... 5 months, 2 days & a handful of hours... the countdown is on... !

Website Re-Design Contest

Calling all Talented Web Designers!  We need your help!  It's time to bring our Knee Knacker web-presence into this century.  We are holding a contest for submissions and will accept prototype designs until February 25, 2009.  We'll announce the successful design at Lottery Night on March 5th.  What's in it for you?  Fame and glory, of course!  While this is a volunteer request, we would be happy to give credit / feature you or your company on our newly designed site, and we'll be awarding a pair of Montrail shoes and a limited edition Knee Knacker Jacket to the winner.  If you're interested, please see the following document for the specifics.  THANKS!

Knee Knacker Website Makeover Contest (pdf)


From time to time, we will send e-mail with Knee Knacker specific updates such as this one.  We respect your privacy and will not distribute your e-mail address.  If you would prefer not to receive these updates, please be in touch and we will remove your address from our list.


We are here to put on an extraordinary event and help you meet your goals.  If you have any comments or questions, please don't hesitate to contact any of the KKNSTR 2009 committee members using our Contacts Form.

I look forward to seeing you on the trails,

Kelsy Trigg
KKNSTR 2009 Race Director