The Knee Knacker committee works very hard to ensure the lottery is a fair process for all entrants.  We want this run to continue to have it's 'grassroots' character even with the growing popularity of the sport.  In order to have 200 starters on the line, we base our lottery number on an average attrition rate (usually around 24% - our statistician Enzo works out the exact number based on previous years' data).  

There are very few people who qualify for special consideration, and entries must be received by the entry deadline.  These are:

  • An original 8 race founder (1989)
  • Top overall male & female in all previous KKNSTRs (1989-2008)
  • Runners who are going for their 10th KKNSTR finish
  • Previous KKNSTR race directors (1989-2008)
  • Active Knee Knacker committee members who have served 3 consecutive years on the committee
  • Volunteers/runners who have contributed significantly to the the race or the sport
  • Major sponsor (1 spot).

We look forward to seeing you on lottery night!