Last Half - 24 km

Our run on Sunday was another success with another great day of weather. Itís not always like this but weíll take it for sure. Well over 50 people attended, especially if you count the others we saw on the trail going in various directions that I know for sure are also in training for the Knee Knacker. And I have to add that itís very nice when running into others on the trail that are just out for a stroll and they are very aware of our event. They know the challenge and they have encouraging words. Very nice and the awareness seems to grow more every year. Maybe they know that all of our event proceeds happily go to support North Shore Rescue.

We did the carpool thing from Deep Cove to Cleveland Dam so we could experience the full Last Half of the course (about 24 km). I hope everyone felt like that was somewhat easy. Because when you add the first half to that, well, itís a bit harder than you might think to put it all together. And I have a little more advice for those of you that are concerned about your time on race day and maybe havenít done the race before. Itís a long way. Okay, thatís not the advice, thatís a fact. The advice is, make sure you donít waste anytime at aid stations and milling about visiting with onlookers. If you feel you might be a bit close with your finishing time you need to realize that dawdling along the way can cost you valuable time when you add it all up. That isnít to say a good steady pace wonít get you there in less than 10 hours but you need to put that together with focus and determination.

I got to run most of the way on Sunday with friend Carolyn so we had a chance to catch up on news of the past few months. Her husband Neil was out there as well. He was running with Phil and after a while we had a sneaky suspicion Neil was trying to avoid us by running fast. It worked but not necessarily to his advantage according to Carolyn. And, Carolyn, thanks for reminding me about the potential of bears on race day, yeesh. (Neil and Carolyn are off to Scotland soon for the 153km West Highland Way Race on June 21 Ė good luck to both of you!)

Itís reminder time again. Next Saturday, May 30, is our Trail Work Party. I hope to have the details momentarily and weíll post them on the web site and likely send out an email blast as well. This is a great way to have fun, give back and also get your volunteer hours. Coffee and treats provided by Delanyís.

And please remember to find at least one volunteer for race day on July 11 and have them check out the list of spots still available on the volunteer page at the Knee Knacker web site. Very Important!

We finished our run into Deep Cove while making our way through the meandering masses of day hikers. This is pretty much what it will be like on race day except that lots of them will be cheering you on. Make the most of it because itís worth the price of admission.

See you next Sunday at our new meeting time of 7:30 am at Cleveland Dam for a run up Hollyburn Mountain. There is no requirement to go all the way to Cypress Bowl (on the snow) but if you have an adventurous group then itís a great challenge. See you there.

Craig Moore
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