Cleveland Dam to Cypress Bowl Return Ė various distances

This was our first official group run on the first half of the course. It was a chance to see where the snow was at and find out just how fun it is to navigate Hollyburn Mountain. Actually, itís great fun whether you know your way around or not, right Mike W.? And that is a good way to figure out where the myriad of trails and ski runs end up. That is, of course, if youíre in a nice little group with youíre best running pals.

Iím hearing lots of stories of bears and fast melting snow. Thereís no relation between the two but thatís what Iím hearing. Or maybe there is some effect of fast melting snow, tons of sun and emerging foliage on where the bears are roaming. I think so.

Sadly, I was not able to do the training run on Sunday. Not because I didnít want to but because I was in the middle of moving, oh joy. In fact, as I did my spiel and sent the 50-ish runners off I was quite melancholy thinking of the past years and the multitude of great times Iíve had running around and around the trails of Hollyburn day and night. I really wish I could have gone. Next time.

Iím sure that people did their own creative wandering. I know that some just went to the snowline that I think was a few minutes below the top of the Hollyburn Chute. And I know that Gilles and Kirsten went the full distance to Cypress Bowl parking area and said that the last section of trail through the trees was actually not too bad. Gilles told me he saw one group of four do the same thing. I can tell you this: the snow will be gone for sure by race day.

I hope training is going well for everyone. This is a crucial time when youíre pushing yourself hard and finding the balance between training and resting. Both are equally important. And I hope youíre trying out different sustenance and drinks to figure what works best. Now is the time and not on race day.

The next run is one of my favourites: Grouse to Top of Seymour Grind Return Ė Long Option to Old Buck. This is your chance to ignore your time and speed, put your head down and just do it. Get in a group, chat, sing, joke, and get it done. And when you get back to Grouse you can think about the first couple of runs we did this season and realize how easy they were.

As a reminder, even though there is water along the way, remember to fill up and drink lots, especially if itís very hot like it has been lately. Get your electrolytes (eLoad is a sponsor of the event this year). Bring some food (carb BOOM! or Sharkies perhaps) and spare cash. Bring your happy smiling faces and cheery feet. And show up at 7:30 am in the Grouse Mtn. parking lot.

Although I may be still occupied at another event on the North Shore this weekend, I hope to see you and join you for this one. If not Iíll be thinking about you and that great BP trail.

Craig Moore
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